C2 Cleaner

Image of C2 Cleaner

Contax Rental C2 Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner for electronic connections, and is used to clean the connections between the various parts of the Contax 645 system. It’s well known that the Contax can suffer from electrical issues, and this cleaner can help mitigate or eliminate some of those issues by cleaning and enhancing the electrical connections where the problems often arise.

An issue we sometimes encounter is when a Contax mysteriously won’t turn on. Often when the film back is removed however, the camera works just fine. For whatever reason, there is a common electrical short that can occur between the camera body and the film back, which causes the camera to not power on. (This is likely because it’s a weak point where dust and other debris can gather and interfere.) On more than one occasion, using C2 to clean the contacts on both the body and film back, we have seen this issue resolved.

Another example is when the information display in the viewfinder is intermittent, sometimes not display at all. Cleaning the contact points between the body and the prism with C2 can also lessen or eliminate this problem.

C2 is easy to apply, and ours comes with some cotton swabs so it’s ready to use when it arrives. The bottle may seem small, at just 4mL, but C2 is to be used sparingly. This little bottle should last you a long time, particularly if you only have one or two cameras.

Perhaps the best thing about C2 is that, in some situations, it helps to correct issues in-house, saving the photographer from the risks and costs of shipping or taking a camera in for repair, not to mention the camera down-time, which can also be costly.

A note on using and storing C2 accompanies your order.